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Loyalty Card Benefits

  1. You will get the first loyalty card for free. The card will be activated during 24 hours.
  2. To collect loyalty points please insert your card to the reader while playing the slot machine, or let the dealer register your card before you start the game on the table.
  3. Loyalty card ist personal and must not be given to another person.
  4. If the owner hasn´t been using the card for a year, Olympic Casino has the right to cancel the card and already existing points on the card.
  5. The loyalty point exchange rate is 100 points = 1EUR
  6. The minimum loyalty point amount to be exchanged for invitation chips is 100 points, which is 1EUR.
  7. You must show your ID to use the loyalty points while paying for goods and services.
  8. Olympic Casino is entitled to arrange the loyalty points on the card in case of system error, any kinds of mistakes and cheating.
  9. Olympic Casino is entitled to change loyalty card discounts.
  10. Olympic Casino staff´s family members and relatives cannot have nor use the loyalty card and loyalty card discounts.
  11. If you have lost your loyalty card or it has been stolen, you must immediately contact the Olympic Casino reception by phone.
  12. Every next loyalty card is charged 1 EUR. Olympic Casino is not responsible for lost and stolen cards.
  13. You can close your loyalty card by writing an appropriate application. You can write the application in every Olympic Casino.
  14. In case of breaking the Gambling Law of Slovak Republic and gambling rules of Olympic Casino or house regulations Olympic Casino has the right to end contract with the client and not allow the client to visit casinos belonging to Olympic Casion without setting terms.