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For Beginners

Welcome to Olympic Casino

When visiting a casino for the first time everything could seem a bit new and strange. That is why we would like to smooth the way for your first visit and give a brief introduction to what you might encounter in a casino.

Naturally we would recommend that you visit an Olympic Casino, as we can vouch for the quality of our services. To get a wider perspective you might want to take a peek at other casinos both in Slovakia and abroad, but based on decades of experience we can safely assert that we are the best! Olympic Casino has a number of casinos all over Slovakia. These have a lot in common but there are also distinctive traits. All our casinos can boast of a uniformly friendly services, there are always places to sip refreshing drinks, exchange currency and enjoy the fun of the game. In the larger casinos you can also play at gaming tables and have a meal.

You can visit us 24 h every day and you and your friends will be warmly welcomed, regardless whether you have arrived for the first time or have frequented us often.

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Which games can be played in a casino?

Nowadays casino games can be roughly divided in two groups – gaming tables and slot machines.

We have all seen TV-shows featuring blinking slot machines and heard the rattle of coins. At Olympic Casino you have the opportunity of playing top quality slot machines produced by the best known manufacturers of the world. Our casinos are equipped with a wide selection of games, thus ensuring that even the most discerning casino visitor would find that favourite game. It is extremely easy to play the slots. You only need to insert your bet (a coin, bill or EZ-Pay ticket) and push the button. Everything else is taken care of by the slot machine.

When visiting a casino for the first time it would be a good idea to muster courage by this type of gaming. Read on about slot machines here. Playing at the gaming tables is a more sociable activity. You will be facing a dealer who will deal cards to you or turn the roulette wheel. If you have come to a table for the first time, do say so to the friendly dealers and they will be more than happy to explain the rules and tell you about any current campaigns. Contrary to common preconceptions about casinos the dealers at Olympic Casinos are always on your – the player's – side and will be sincerely overjoyed with your victories. On your first visit to a casino you should certainly try the American roulette, which is a simple, sociable table game and at the same time presents awesome winning opportunities. Read on about gaming tables here.

Requirements for visiting a casino

You need not wear a tuxedo or a long evening dress to a casino. A casual formal outfit is quite suitable. The only limitation is that no sports clothes are acceptable. In summer men may even wear short pants.

According to the Slovak legislation no person under the age of 18 may be present in casino rooms. This means that even if you are not playing, you may not enter a casino before you are 18 years old. Olympic Casino is a highly popular place to round up a night of celebrations, but even here there are rules to keep the atmosphere pleasant. People who are drunk, violent or otherwise disturbing to other visitors will not be served and are politely asked to leave the premises.