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Olympic Poker Tour Košice - September 2012

Posted on 01. October 2012

Olympic Poker Tour Košice - September 2012

On September 28, 2012 another tournament from the successful series of the Olympic Poker Tour took place, this time in Košice. Exactly 100 players looking for fun found their way into the modern premises of the new casino and the buy-In in the amount of 100€ only encouraged the vibe and excitement from the game to win interesting prizes. Unlucky players from day 1A but also those, who were not satisfied with the amount of their advancing stack were enabled to enter day 1B at half price – 50€. A large attendance of qualified players from other Olympic Casinos – Bratislava and Trnava brought a healthy mix to a tournament, which was otherwise strongly occupied by the locals. Many players were winning already during the course of the tournament, as the Olympic Casino Košice offers a countless number of events. Every half an hour a random player won 10€ in promotional Lucky Chips, during the tournament break the Happy Seat on slot machines was drawn twice, each of the two winners receiving 25€.

The tournament itself offered interesting bonuses for Royal Flush, Straight Flush and Poker, which were put together 24 times in total and during the tournament on pot wins the players won with these combinations a total of 520€ in promotional Lucky Chips. The players were entertained by lovely hostesses, offering lots of champagne and refreshments like soft drinks and canapés.

The starting stack of 30000 chips and a structure with 45 minute blinds offered a great poker experience to all participants.

Day 1A counting 70 present players started slowly. On table H Mr. Martin Z. succeeded to build a stack in the size of several buy-ins already during the first level, which, however, in his own words, at a later stage failed to keep time with his fast style of play and under the pressure on the part of the Elesko company. From the initial 70 players as many as 67 managed to survive until the first tournament break. However, things got faster and at the end of the day only 20 players remained at the tables in level 12 with blinds 1500/3000 ante300.

Another 30 players, as well as 32 players from day 1A used day 1B to enter the tournament, with the later availing themselves of the possibility of the reentry at half price. This day will be long remembered by Mr. Filip R. from table A, moving all his chips on JJ against the opponent’s AA, because after the flop AJ9 the dealer dealt his ONE TIME turn J, which meant that he had won not only the pot but also 20€ in promotional Lucky Chips.

The biggest and the smallest stacks advancing to the final day:


Kotan 276.100 ( Jozef F. 26.600
Peter H. 254.000 ) Tomáš H. 19.000
Robert B. 219.600 ( Oliver Z. 7.800


All 40 advancing players, who started with blinds of 2000/4000 ante400 participated in the day of the finals on Sunday, September 30, 2012. However, it did not take long until the first „Seat Open“ had been announced. Two and a half hour after the commencement of the final day the number of players was reduced by half – 20 players and the atmosphere got thicker with every minute as everyone wanted to earn as much of the prize pool as possible. 14 places were rewarded and as usual in Olympic Casinos not even the player on the bubble came off badly, as he was reimbursed his whole deposit + the eventual reentry in the amount of 150€ in promotional Lucky Chips. Mr. Mižák, whose JJ was not sufficient for the pre-flop of all-in against A3 of Mr. Pitek, became the bubble and from the minds of all remaining players a load was taken off, when their heard „Welcome to the Money“ from the floor. Mr. Brenkus immediately became the shark and managed to be of some help to the players Rendek (KTo vs. 76 after a flop 4-8-10o) and Richter (62o vs AA) who won 185.85€ and joined Mr. Kotos (66 vs. JJ) and Ľubo (AQ vs. K2s) with the same amount. At last the final table was created after a short break, the lovely hostesses keeping an eye on the finalists in the VIP zone and the elimination could start. The first elimination was the high-spirited young Mr. Zachar, whose KQ after the turn 49QsKo did not hold the pressure of KK of Mr. Pites (10. 286.74€). Several hands later the QQ of Mr. Petrov were put to test, helping him to a neat pot at 4AT38 board and eliminating Mr. Otrisal (9. 297.36 €). A treacherous turn cost the player „Readback“ his tournament life, moving all his chips on a A8 at a board of 432 5 8 only to get a snap call with A6 earned him the 8th place (8. 329.22€). The sleeping Mr. Racek woke up with a pair of fives in his hand and matched the all-in of Mr. „Gašpi“, who hoped for a gut-shot at a flop of 542, but all in vain (7. 382.32€). The game got slower up to the moment, when Mr. Pites has shown his skills again and eliminated Mr. Hric with K9 to which his QT could not hold up (6.  499.14 €). A more than a massive pot (1.2 mil. at a total of 3.9m chips) was provided once again by Mr. Pites with his pair of 88, when he called all-in of Mr. Boroň and the board of QJJ55 with the combination AK against 88 did not pay off once again (5.  615.96€). The round of four handed was enjoyed all around. An average in the amount of 30BB, a change of blinds was not in sight. However, when Mr. Brenkus received a JJ, the tension got thick enough to cut it with a knife. Again, the initiator was Mr. Pites who raised 3,5BB and decided to call the subsequent all-in of 12BB with his A2o. The flop was courtesy of ATT and A on the turn meant the end of the road in this tournament for Mr. Brenkus (4.  945.18€). The last three players, Mr. Racek calls all-in with AJs and comes up against AA, becoming the short-stack. A couple of hands later, he plays a K8 and gets a call from BB with ATs, he does not receive any help at board Q69A9 and drops out at the third place (3.  1348.74€). Heads-up does not last long, Mr. Pites, who’s side of the table was slowly giving out under the weight of chips calls blind steal all-in 64o on A9 and closes this tournament in his favor at a board of 2952J (2. 1985,94  1. 3186€).

Final positions at the final table once more:



1. Palo „Pitukes“ Pites 3186,00€
2. Marek „Marko2008“ Petrov 1985,94€
3. Andrej „Rajsek“  Racek 1348,74€
4. Ján „Jany“ Brenkus 945,18€
5. Robo „Roberto 1176“ Boroň 615,96€
6. Matej „DrQuartz“ Hric 499,14€
7. „Gašpy“ 382,32€
8. „Readback“ 329,22€
9. Matej „O3“ Otrisal 297,36€
10. Martin „Zašo“ Zachar  286,74€


Congratulations to the winners, we hope that all players enjoyed the tournament as much as we did. We are looking forward to more shared poker experiences either during the regular evening tournaments or at another tournament of the Olympic Poker Tour series.

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