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3Card Poker exclusive in Olympic Casino Slovakia

Posted on 10. November 2016

3Card Poker exclusive in Olympic Casino Slovakia

In Olympic Casino Slovakia, as the only network of casinos in Slovakia, you have also played a popular 3Card Poker.

Poker game comes from England and is the most popular version of poker immediately after Texas Hold'em. The unique 3Card poker is that it is played with three cards on hand, instead of five, and other rules are maintained. This means that a player is playing with a smaller number of combinations, therefore, the high knowledge of the game is a must. The game is so easier, more dynamic and enjoyable. You have something also confident players, as 3Card Poker opportunity Pair Plus bonus bet - e.g. bets on 'good' hole cards.

3Card Poker already in those days included in the Olympic Casino Carlton and in Olympic Casino Košice. We look forward to your visit and wish you a lot of fun in the new game!